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Team Work

Sometimes it takes a Village to save a bird. Yesterday I received several calls concerning an injured Bald Eagle. Louisiana is down to only four individuals in the entire state that are allowed to rehabilitate birds. Only one has an Eagle permit. So; as wonderful members of the Birding Community baby sat and protected the Eagle for people poking it with sticks and chasing it, I drove to Morgan City to rescue the injured Eagle. After the capture I drove it to Wings of Hope in Livingsto, Louisiana. The e will soon be examined by LSU Veterinary staff and hopefully it will be released back into the wild soon! Thank you to everyone who helped yesterday!

*Kim Bayard

*April Gamble

*Samantha Nguyen

*Kris Ralston

*Chase Stelly- Offered boat at a moments notice

(Those are the names of the people who fought to help the Eagle with you today)

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