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Why we need a Wildlife Center

Sadly; When catastrophic events like hurricanes, oil spills and wild fires happen, attention is drawn to the plight of the Wildlife being effected. The reality is, these events are increasing. The need for a Wildlife Center in the state of Louisiana is REAL! We cannot wait for an event to happen and then worry about what to do next! I learned the hard way when I received almost 100 birds during Hurricane Barry. So, what do we do? First: we need to support our LOCAL wildlife rehabilitators! We are in the trenches every day. We are the ones answering the desperate calls for “help” when a Good Samaritan finds an injured animal. We are the ones who drop everything we are doing to give instructions on how to help and most time to drive out and rescue the animal in need. We are the ones who see the suffering and do our best to help. We are the ones who will wake up early to make sure wounds are dressed, medication is given and tummies are fed. We are the ones who give comfort as an animal takes it’s last breath and we are the ones who cry our eyes out and pray we can help the next one that comes in. Second: help Acadiana Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation, Inc. to grow! There are only five (5) state and federally permitted wildlife rehabilitators in the entire state of Louisiana that can “legally “ take in and rehabilitate birds protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. The number of birds coming in are increasing. I’ve personally seen the numbers increase. Starting out rehabilitating 50 to 100 birds a year to now doing almost 300 birds in a year. I realize the need for a center is real! I personally can not continue to increase in numbers without help anymore! So, how can you help? Continue to share, continue to donate, continue to support and follow! It’s all happening so fast


It’s only taken me 30 years to get here!


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